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Advocacy & Community Outreach

Community Assessment – Young moms has adopted the following six recommended steps in the process of planning and conducting a community assessment, they are:

Step 1: Define the Scope
Step 2: Go Solo or Collaborate
Step 3: Collect Data
Step 4: Determine Key Findings
Step 5: Set Priorities and Create an Action Plan
Step 6: Share your Findings

Steps 1 through 3 should are considered an iterative and sequential planning process.  Each step is treated independently.  The information identified in one of the steps may change the approach to another step as we may decide to collaborate with a key partner to complete the community assessment. Steps 4 through 6 focus on analyzing community assessment data for decision making.

Community (media) Outreach – We visit community forums, radio & TV talks and homes. We have built good relationship with local and foreign media institutions (TV, Radio and Newspapers. – where people can learn about our operations and activities).

We are currently negotiating with partners in the UK, US, Canada, Nigeria, Germany etc who will be sending us clothes and other gift items regularly for the use of young mothers and their children and toys for kids through postal services. We clothed 288 young mothers and their children in the 2016 Christmas.

Collection and distribution to Supporting vulnerable adolescent girls with school uniforms and studying kits (skirt, blouse, socks and shoes) as well as exercise books, pen and pencils, mathematical sets, school bags, body and washing soaps, body oils and hygiene towels and shoe shining kits three times for 15 girls each. From money contributed by friendly NGOs, and members of the surrounding community.